What has Channel 4’s Frasier got to do with you studying to become a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist??

Channel 4 seems to be running “Frasier” every morning on a loop and have been doing so for some considerable time. The moment the eleventh series comes to an end they start at series one/episode one all over again.

It was that very episode I found myself watching today and it made me think. The show begins with a number of scenes which link Frasier Crane’s life as a regular at a bar in Boston called Cheers (in the show of the same name) to his life as the lead character in Frasier. The opening scene shows Frasier in his new job as a radio Psychiatrist, when a chap called Russell calls in to the show complaining he has been feeling depressed: “My life’s not going anywhere… it’s not that bad… it’s just same old apartment, same old job..”

Frasier cuts in with: “Six months ago, I was living in Boston. My wife had left me which was very painful… and then she came back to me which was… excruciating! On top of that my practice had grown stagnant and my social life consisted of hanging around a bar night after night… You see I was clinging to a life that wasn’t working any more and I knew I had to do something… anything! So, I ended the marriage once and for all, packed up my things and moved back here to my home town of Seattle. Go Seahawks! I took action Russell and you can to… move… change… do something. If it’s a mistake do something else… will you do that Russell?”

Of course, it transpires that his advice never actually reaches Russell. Frasier’s inexperience at keeping to the strict timings of his new show means that they had cut to the News halfway through his inspirational speech.

Rarely, despite what it may feel like, do we need to go to the same extremes that Frasier Crane went to, but sometimes in life we need to make a change. We need to “do something!”  People who attend our course change. It is impossible not to. You learn new things, develop new skills, meet like-minded people, start and grow a business and have a great time whilst doing it.

If I were Frasier Crane (and thank goodness I am not!) I would be adding “call CPHT Belfast” to the list of possible actions for Russell to consider.